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Princess Belle

A French Beauty

Princess Belle is portrayed by Eden Monet at Once-Upon-a-Song. Eden has been vocally trained for 9 years and has received dance instruction for 5 years as well. She has been performing for most of her life in musical theater productions across Marin county that have helped her with skills such as character building and singing. These abilities have enabled her to really become her character at Once-Upon-a-Song bringing life to the Fairytale princess.
Princess Belle is a truly wonderful princess. She's a typical bookworm--which I can relate to very well--and I think that makes her easily accessible to a lot of people. I also like that she isn't perfect, throughout the movie she has to fix her hair when it starts to get crazy and she gets nervous around other people too. I think the idea of a princess is always to be "perfect" and I think Belle shows young kids that it's okay to be perfectly imperfect. She falls in love with a perfectly imperfect man, she's teased for being weird, and yet she's still so remarkably kind and sweet. She doesn't let the town gossip get her down because she's happy being her own person and I think that's a really important thing for kids these days to learn."

The Prince
The Prince is portrayed by Toran at Once-Upon-a-Song.

Gaston is portrayed by Scott at Once Upon a Song.
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