Character Performers For Parties and Events
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Little Mermaid

The Princess of the Sea
   The Little Mermaid is played by Sara and Emma at "Once-Upon-a-Song." Sara has been in the performing arts since she was five-years-old. Her acting career includes her participation in many musical theater productions. As a musician, she plays four instruments and is in choir at her school. She also recently joined a teen acapella group in Marin. Another extension of her creativity is her face painting, which is a talent she will bring as a new activity for parties she attends. 
   Emma has participated in many musical theatre productions all across Marin county.
"I've always loved the Little Mermaid--what girl hasn't dreamed of being a mermaid?- and I'm always imitating her and singing her songs. I think the Little Mermaid not only teaches kids to be loving and kind, but she also is curious and has a drive to explore and that's important for kids to learn. The Little Mermaid isn't afraid to try new things and learn about different cultures and ways of life, and her love of adventure is a great quality to have. I think it's important to for kids to have variety and adventure growing up and to keep that spirit with them as they get older. The Little Mermaid also teaches children to accept those who are different and unique, like she taught her father to accept humans and not judge them." --Sara  
     "Ariel is inquisitive, driven and loves to learn about new things. She teaches kids that having an open mind can lead to great things in the future. I love being Ariel because she is a princess, but still has a very youthful energy. The kids love it when she is silly or playful, so I can afford to show sides other than being a regal princess."-- Emma



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