Character Performers For Parties and Events
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The Ice Sisters

The Ice Princess is portrayed by Emma at Once Upon a Song. Emma has done many musicals with companies all across Marin county.
   "Anna is silly, curious and just likes to have a good time. She teaches kids to be forgiving and kind to everyone, even if they made mistakes in the past. I love how the kids see you as someone familiar to them, like a big sister or an older cousin. One of the special perks of being Anna is that the kids know all the songs and dress up like me. It becomes a real bonding experience when I enter a party."
The Ice Queen is portrayed by Christina at Once-Upon-a-Song. Christina has been doing shows and taking dance lessons since she was eight-years-old and hasn't stopped since. She greatly enjoys singing and acting. To better her craft, she started taking voice lessons at the age of 14 and has continued to grow as a performer.
"I like being Elsa because of her elegance. She holds herself confidently and is a queen in every sense of the word. She is very different from the other princesses because she doesn't fall in love easily and instead demonstrates the importance of family. Elsa learns to overcome her fears and be herself and I think those are very important things to teach children."
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